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Would you like to:

  • Turn a dormant client or prospect database into appointments or sales automatically.
  • Prequalify website or social media enquiries before they reach you or your sales team.
  • Contact customers and close policy or contract renewals on autopilot.
  • Book call appointments from your ads or direct mail campaigns.

"We help business owners unlock the goldmine sitting in their dormant database contacts

using the power of AI, even if you believe those contacts are too outdated or unresponsive to convert into revenue"

Example: A legal client tested 300 contacts, got a 16% response which converted to 41 sales = £37,000 (AUD$71,000)

No Upfront Costs - No Ad Costs - We Only Get Paid When You Do!

Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, SMS & messenger applications our systems will work through your dead lead database, re-engaging with prospects, qualifying them and booking appointments directly into your calendar.

No database and no time? No problem, we can set up an appointment setting AI bot to convert your ad responses into sales.

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We are currently training AI models for customers (every model is unique).

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How it Works

  • Dead / Cold Lead Reactivation. - We take your cold lead database in CSV format, train AI to contact them and nurture the leads to the point that they request a sales call.
  • Call Booking - Responding to Ad or Web enquiries, an AI bot will start a conversation, answer queries, handle objections and book an appointment for the lead with your sales team.
  • Warm Outreach - set up a campaign to present a specific offer to your client or prospect database. The AI bot has human like 2 way conversations regarding your offer.
  • Renewal Outreach - Get an AI Bot to engage with customers with impending contract or policy renewals that are falling due. Secure renewal permission without getting call center staff or sales staff involved.

What does it cost?

There are typically no upfront or ad costs. For database reactivation we take your contact database, train an AI model to steer contacts towards your desired outcome and then start contacting your dead leads via messenger applications and/or SMS messaging.

There are no set up fees for this. We work on a revenue share basis, so once you close a deal and get paid, we get paid a negotiated percentage. Think of your AI automation as a commission only sales force. If your database was built using paid ads, this method will explode your ROAS, why waste lead potential?

For other types of campaigns we have the flexibility to work on a per contact or per appointment basis. Once we know what you are trying to acheive we can discuss a commercial arrangement that works for both of us.

What if it doesn't work and nobody converts to a sale?

While this has never happened to date, the quality of a campaign is reliant on the quality of the contacts supplied. If the campaign results in zero sales, then you pay nothing!

No Wins - No Fees - There is literally Zero Risk!

Register your interest today - fill in your details above and we will be in touch shortly.

Who are The Online Group?

We're a software development and digital marketing business established in 1993, based in Western Australia. We service clients across the globe.

Our AI deployment teams are based in the UK and Australia.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in a hurry please book a call on our main website here: Book A Call, otherwise fill in your details above and we will be in touch very soon.

Thanks for your Interest.

Alan Blackmore - Managing Director - The Online Group Pty Ltd

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